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What Is The Difference Between Piano And Keyboard?

The Keyboard and Piano are two very popular instruments today, which many people choose to study because of its art and elegance features. These are two musical tools that as a quick look, most viewers will think they are quite similar in character. However, in reality, they differ from form and function as well as other basic elements. If you are wondering how to distinguish these two musical instruments, as well as the difference between the Piano and the Keyboard, the article below,  will help you answer these questions. Let explore it together.

1.    The functions of the Keyboard and Piano:



– The most fundamental difference is that the piano is known as a classical and acoustic instrument, which does not need electricity while the keyboard/digital piano is an electronic one that must have electricity to use.

Because it is an electronic instrument, the sound of the keyboard is not as honest as a piano, but it not only can simulate the sound of many different instruments but also effectively supports the musicians in instrumental combinations. For example, the keyboard simulates the sound of drums, bass, guitar, piano, violin and so on. Notwithstanding, these voices are not as good as the standard instruments.

– The piano, on the other hand, has only one kind of sound, but its sound is gracious, classy, classic, and so deep.

Each type of instrument has its own beauty. The piano is often used in the classical and semi-classical orchestra as well as the luxurious place. The keyboard is more commonly used, which can be played with the orchestra. Moreover, it can only be itself made into an orchestra. It is said that the keyboard is convenient, while the piano is on top of the superlative class.

2.    Keys

What are the Piano Keys Made of

Both keys of two instruments above are used as a primary means of producing sound, and they have similarly shaped keys, but the mechanisms behind the keyboard are completely different. The pianos make music through the percussion inside the flock. Meanwhile, the keyboard creates sound thanks to the electronic woodwind.

The main dissimilarity is the keys’ functions of each instrument. In contrast to the keyboard, the piano creates the sound by mechanical forces, so that it does not use electricity. In addition, the keys of the piano are often heavier than the keyboard’s ones. Furthermore, the piano has more structured components than its companion. Typically, the piano’s keyboard has 88 keys while the keyboard has only 61 keys.

3.    How to make and maintain a sound?


The Piano: The way to make a sound is to use an impact force on the keys, and then the action and metal strings. You may not know that the different strings will be attached to diverse sound frequencies, which makes different chords. Besides that, each sound sequence produces a sound for a short amount of time so that the music player needs to hold down the key for a longer resounding. This means that the performers will have to restrike the keyboard of the piano to maintain its sounds.

The Keyboard: The mechanism to produce a sound is completely different from the piano because there is no mechanical force acting on it. The keys are also adjustable to specific frequencies, but personal notes can be kept in a certain time and space without having to restrike the keyboard. Not just that, the musicians can also maintain that sound for a long time as well.

In other words, the artists performing on a modern keyboard can complete a sequence of sounds they desire whenever they hit the keys. The keys are also adjustable to specific frequencies beforehand, but personal notes can be kept in a certain time and space without having to restrike the keyboard when playing.

à  This can be considered as a big difference between the structure of the piano and electronic keyboard. A piano can only maintain a note for a short time, while a keyboard can hold it indefinitely.

4.    The attached accessories


Another opposition between these two instruments is the attached accessories. Since its production, the piano has the basic accompaniment of Frame, Soundboard, Strings, Action, Pedals, Case. In addition, the volume of the piano is based on the impact force of the music player on each key.

This means that it can be played in a choir or accompaniment for a performance. The piano can quickly set up a rhythm and a melody line for each track. Like a guitar, piano is nowadays a top choice for learning music and playing music.

By comparison, an electronic keyboard is often played alongside the singers. It achieves a lot of energy efficiency during maintenance without too much mechanical impact force on the keyboard.

Not anyone knows that one of the main functions of the keyboard in a band is to complement the sounds that are not covered by percussion instruments. Keyboard players do not even need to try to play the melody line, instead of that, they can play chords while the pianists provide the instruction to the singer when performing.

5.    The amount of sound that two types of instruments can produce


A piano key can be changed a bit to create a tinny honky- tonk of the sound, or the overall size of the musical instrument can make a richer tone. The fact is that the sounds that the piano makes are not really as rich as the sound of the keyboard, but its sounds are very mellifluous and appealing to listeners.

Another interesting information we want to share with you is that the sound of the keyboard can be changed through the use of pipes or electronic devices for sounds like Woowind and so on. Aside from that, a keyboard can also create many different levels of its keyboard.

6.    The artists play the Piano and Keyboard

adult playing piano

Currently, the musical instrument manufacturers have been innovating their products to meet the needs of the market as well as the music players. Each line of instruments has the same and different characteristics to match the level of each the artist. Keyboardists often have to learn to play bass on the pedeled keyboard, while controlling the volume of a flexible swivel pedal. Meanwhile, the pianist has to learn more about acoustics, complex chords as well as possess a sophisticated musical background or foundation and the skillful hands.

In addition, we also provide other interesting information for you to refer. On the market today, there are 3 basic types of pianos. They are Grand Piano, Upright Piano, and Digital Piano. The Grand Piano belongs to the acoustic instrument with strong sound, rich in tone, timbre. It is regarded as a great instrument for performing sonatas or concerts. This tool is available in a variety of sizes, depending on the purpose and space of the house, the hotel, the tea room, or performances and so on.

The Upright Piano is a line of the acoustic piano with many models designed to meet all the requirements and perceptions of the players of all levels and all ages as well. The Upright Piano also comes in a variety of sizes like Grand ones. They are fixed almost the same width, but the height of them is so different from each other, which produce various sounds such as the Spinet Piano, the Console Piano, the Studio Piano, and the Upright Piano.

The Digital Piano is a combination of the acoustic piano and keyboard. It makes more vivid sounds than the keyboard and has the same length (88 keys) as an acoustic piano. Besides, it works based on the chips and imitates the sound of the piano. Along with adding a variety of functions and the vibrancy of the keyboard, the Digital piano is more sophisticated and aesthetic in shape than the keyboard while more compact than the piano.

One of the advantages of Digital Piano is that the sound quality is better than other its competitive products because it is designed with the built-in speakers.  Most Digital Pianos possessing MIDI output allow you to connect to your computer through a simple interface. Thanks to that, you can record and edit the performances as well as add multiple songs and control other instruments.

In a nutshell, no matter what the difference between the piano and the keyboard, these two types of instruments are still great musical tools that make great sounds. In case you are planning to start learning to play piano or keyboard, we think that they are right for you because of the perfection in the music they can make. You should also select the best pianos from the piano shops to get the best one that suitable for you.

Hopefully, this article has somehow helped you to distinguish the piano and keyboard. If having more free time, please learn more useful information on the Internet to gain a better understanding of these two types of musical instruments and enjoy the moment of sublimation in music. Wish you success!


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