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How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to move a piano? Because moving the piano has never been a simple task, which always requires careful and experienced handling so that it can be transported safely, without damaging any part of the instrument.

The truth is that the piano is very bulky and heavy. It can be from 135kg to 500kg in weight depending on the type of pianos. That is the main reason why you cannot transfer your piano by yourself. Therefore, today we will share with you some solutions as well as moving costs of this musical tool for those who have been and are interested in this matter.

Why is it difficult to move a piano?

This kind of instrument is very heavy and its average weight is about 250 kilograms with 1.3 meters in height and about 1.6 meters in length. Besides that, the thickness is about 65 centimeters. All of these measurements are approximate because each piano’s type has a different size such as Grand Piano, Upright Piano, and Digital Piano.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

Along with the huge size, the piano is made of wood on the outside. It is no doubt that when moving a large object, the inertia force is not small so that a mistake can lead to unpredictable consequences like the scratches, even damage to this valuable piano.

Not to mention your new home can be on high floors, so the heavy piano will become a major obstacle for the employees who have not enough experience, power, and skill to transport to the tall buildings.

In addition, one obvious thing is that you cannot transport this instrument yourself because the carrier needs to have certain knowledge to ensure safety after moving. This type of piano requires a healthy transporter who has not only the strength enough to hold it but also the skills, knowledge and professional experience.

The process of transferring and moving the piano professionally

  1. Find out information, survey service prices

Before carrying out the work of removing the piano, it is necessary to check it. You should also determine how far the distance between two places as well as the obstacles on the way.

As such, it will be possible to predict exactly the manpower, packaging and transportation methods that are optimal and effective. Upon completion of the survey, it is the time to discuss the transportation option.

In addition, in case you cannot do this task, or there are not enough people to move a large piano, you should consider contacting a specialized piano shipping company for supporting. Thanks to appropriate equipment, moving this type of musical tool will not cause any damage.

Moving piano company

For individuals, advertising, transportation services, and companies without these special devices, you should not trust because the reliability is not high. Furthermore, it is important to remember that only professional transfer service companies or musical instrument sales centers are reputable enough to entrust your piano.

  1. To cover when transporting the piano

The next is to cover the piano with soft cotton wool material to avoid scratches while moving the piano. Moreover, if you are careful, you can add some cotton pads on the sides of the instrument and tighten the whole piano with the soft cloth as well.

These things are not redundant as it will protect your piano from negative effects on the internal structure during the moving process. As taking to pieces the piano, we should only disassemble its leg so that the sound quality of the instrument will not be affected when assembled.

  1. The transportation vehicle for moving the piano

When transporting a piano, the first rule you have to keep in mind is that you have to move carefully and the vehicle that is used to transport must be a specialized truck. Besides that, you should also place a blanket or soft cloth on the floorboards and the trunk of the car before placing the piano on it so that it will not fall over or get broken.

Transporting and moving

Step 1: First of all, let’s put the lid down on the piano keys and lock it in place to reduce the possibility of damage to the keyboard during the moving process.

Step 2: Lift the piano straight up. Remember to use at least two people or more depending on the weight of the piano. Be careful not to put the whole weight of the piano on one or both its legs in front.

Step 3: Put a medium sized four-wheeled dolly that fits your piano. Then, other people will place it in the center of the piano and the back side, making sure you make it balanced so it will not fall or get the deflection of position as you move.

Step 4: Lift the piano up to the truck slowly. Let’s be careful with the obstacles on the pavement and surrounding.

Step 5: It is better if you use a plank to move the instrument. Remember to lock the piano in a fixed position when pushing on the plank.

Step 6: There is a person at the leading edge of the piano to pull and give guidance. Two more should be on the side to push the piano up to the truck. Because the following position will be very heavy, so two healthy people are needed to push the piano straight up, which will support the first one a lot.

Step 7: Move the piano to the back of the truck. However, with this position, the instrument may collide with the car’s body so you need to pay close attention to tethering the cord as well as checking the tightening points carefully.

Step 8: Use your team’s tactics to lift the piano aside so that one can take the dolly out. Then, put the piano in place and fix it by using fabric straps to tie the piano with the aim to hold the instrument in place when the vehicle moves on the road.

Step 9: Unplug the straps and lift the piano to the dolly once again as arriving.

Step 10: Drop the piano down guardedly. You should note that the back part is heavier so at least two people should stand at the behind to control the speed at which you move the piano down the slope.

Step 11: Transfer the piano to the new place, then put it in the appropriate position and lift up to remove the dolly.

Step 12: Remove any blankets or fabric wrapped around the piano after it has been neatly positioned.

Step 13: Lastly, assemble the parts into the instrument.

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Transporting costs of the piano

Transporting costs of the piano

Normally, there are two separate methods of billing employed by the professional carriers. The moving fee will be paid depending on various factors such as the transportation time in hours or minutes, the long or short distance, and so on. In case there are any incidences or unforeseen complications, the cost can get expensive.

In the other hands, along with the difficulty level of shipping piano from a certain place to the intended destination, the size, and type of this musical instrument are other elements to determine the remuneration.

Based on the methods mentioned above, the owner of the piano can have an accurate estimate of the amount of money to pay. For instance, the moving with a long distance and a large piano like Grand Piano will cost much more than a small one for the local move as well as a short and flat road.

In general, the piano and other musical instruments can be regarded as the masterpieces of man-made creatures. Throughout the different periods of time, with research, exploration, and love of music, the piano has been changed in design to improve in terms of its sound and structure.

The piano is no longer just a tool to play music but gradually become a decorative product, honoring luxury of space of the house or any room. Therefore, only a tiny scratch can lose the value of the instrument so much.

That is the cause why we should pay worthily for the movers for the effort and technical skills they have spent to preserve the piano throughout the transport. However, you must also consider these factors to come up with a reasonable price that satisfies both of you.

In short, just to mention a few disadvantages, so you have also known that the job of moving a piano is not simple. The carrier must know how to use the straps, what position to hold the instrument, what materials to be used, etc.

Plus, they must be absolutely careful in their work that requires not only the tough health but also the rational calculation of moving, tying the straps as well as carrying the piano.

Hopefully, this information will help you understand more about the difficulties in this work and deal yourself a reasonable price when moving your beloved. Please search more on the Internet for more reference related to moving costs for piano.


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