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How Should an Adult Beginner Start Learning Piano?

Usually, when we start learning the instrument in general or the piano in particular, we often begin at the age of 6 to 7. At this time, it is easier to get in touch with the music and through the time of practicing, the music players will become professional as they grow older. Unlike the children learning the piano, there are basic differences in the approach and learning piano of adults.

The fact is that most people are considered carefully before learning to play the musical instrument because they are afraid of practicing from the beginning like a child as well as it takes a lot of time and effort to acquire and memorize the adult piano lessons. From the above reasons, today’s article will share with readers the information related to learning the piano for the adult beginner.

Actually, at a certain age, adults’ hands become stiff, the ability to acquire and remember knowledge is not well as the young people. Besides that, with anxiety and worries of living, adults will get many obstacles when deciding to learn piano.

But these troubles do not mean that once matured, you cannot play the piano or other instruments. The piano is for all ages as long as they have a passion and love for music.

Adult learning the piano needs a method

Playing Grand Piano

An adult who wants to learn and play the piano needs to determine what he wants. What is the purpose of playing the piano? What is their goal when playing the guitar? (the piano accompaniment, playing solo piano, or playing classical music and so on)

For different targets, there are diverse ways to do and here are all things that are needed for each of the most popular goals of learning piano.

  1. Goal 1: Learn the piano to play some of the favorite songs

There are 2 methods

One of them is to imitate the video tutorial (it is not important to understand anything about the techniques). In this way, it requires learners to have a good memory. However, you should only apply to short songs. Along with following the video and remembering to hit your beginner keyboard by the right hand or left hand, the players have to observe and imitate how to press the keys in the correct sequence.

The second method is to learn the guitar based on the prepared songs. To achieve this goal, we should prepare something following:

Knowledge of music theory: The piano players need to know the musical notes and their positions, the symbols on the sheet music and so on.

Practicing finger technique: In adults, when learning the piano, it is hard for the fingers to move quickly at first. Notwithstanding, just spend five to ten minutes per day for finger training, these difficult things will not be a problem anymore. Gradually, the state of the hardened fingers when playing the piano will no longer.

The purpose of finger training is to warm up the knuckles to move flexibly on the keyboards. Plus, once the instrumental player has mastered in pressing the beginner keyboard under a certain musical combination, they will no longer be surprised and do it faster than ever as they meet the similar melodies.

Read and play a song with sheet music After getting the knowledge of music theory as well as be acquainted with the movement of fingers on the piano’s keys, the learners begin to be able to read the music and display it on the piano. By practicing hard and spending a lot of time interacting with melodies and musical symbols in sheet music, adults can completely perform a piano song without any obstacle.

Depending on the time of learning or training, someone may play a song with his/ her piano within about 2 weeks to 1 month or more (depending on the ability of music perception, skills and the difficulty of the song chosen by the learner).

  1. Goal 2: Learn the piano to know how to play the solo piano with all the songs they love

adult piano lessons

For an adult who is completely ignorant of music theory, it takes more than a month to learn the piano, to reflect on the music and to move the hands on the keys.

This is a big goal that can be divided into two stages as follows:

Stage 1: At this stage, the instrument learners will need to access to knowledge:

– Read the musical notes

– Chord (composition, etc.), left-hand rule for each line of music/rhythm

– Intro skills, Fill-in, how to finish solo songs simply

Stage 2:

Begin to learn about the knowledge: set chords, music perception, the rules for the left hand, techniques for the right hand and so on. Generally, the purpose of this second stage is to allow the learner to hear and play a song independently as they like.

Tips for beginning piano for adults

Tips for beginning piano for adults

  1. Relaxation and amusement

If you are going to experience any musical instrument, you should remember not to give yourself any pressure. Stop imposing that you have to play the piano well in a short time. Therefore, it is better if you think about learning piano as a way to relieve stress after a day of work. Let’s relax and enjoy the music with your beloved instrument.

  1. Patience with yourself

In fact, learning piano for adults requires a lot of patience. At this time, you are busy with work, family, etc. so that it’s hard to focus on practicing. Your fingers also become stiffer, not so soft as a child so it will be also more difficult when hitting the keyboard.

But you should keep in mind that there is no instrument to learn in a lesson that will succeed. No one learns the piano without undergoing a process of hard work. Be patient and remember that only patience is successful.

  1. Focusing and Understanding

Take advantage of your growth compared to young children. Your ability to concentrate will help you remember the piano lessons for adults well as practicing. While a schoolchild is often tempted by other games.

Besides that, having to re-do a task like playing piano every day will be boring and easy for a kid. Hence, adults can focus on playing more times and do it better than younger ones.

Moreover, your ability to feel the music is another great advantage. The more you can understand the chords, sounds, finger arrangements or tempo, the easier it becomes for you. Read the chords for each song to know more about it, and you’ll learn the music faster as well as remember longer.

  1. Music perception

Adults can see the volume and emotional differences in the music, mainly because they listen to many music songs. Let’s take advantage of this point and you will get the best support for your learning.

  1. Set a goal

Learning music comfortably does not mean that you are learning while playing without regard for the results. Set goals for yourself at different stages to make sure you always get improvement. In the early stages, set a small goal, then set higher goals day by day. Thanks to that, you will try your best to achieve that milestone. As a result, you will be happy whenever you reach the goal.

It is said that music is always a strange attraction for everyone, even the elder or the most fastidious people. Each person is different taste in music, but all are influenced by the addictive lyrics and melodies.

It’s not just about enjoying the music, but following the development trend and the desire to conquer oneself that many people want to learn to play musical instruments with the aim to play their favorite music songs.

Furthermore, learning the piano is becoming a new tendency that most people decide to pursue because it easy to learn, easy to play and suitable for all ages as well.

In short, once you are determined to learn the piano, you need to schedule a specific course of study for theoretical knowledge as well as practice regularly every day. However, the key rule is that you should keep practicing continuously, instead of practicing too much.

Also, combining theoretical learning with performance will be the secret to remembering the knowledge more easily. The learners should start playing from the simplest and easiest songs. It will be perfect if you learn how to play other songs with piano after having mastered another one.

In order to improve the skills of hitting the piano’s keyboard, it is necessary to gradually increase the difficulty of the exercises. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to choose difficult songs at first because it will be frustrating and time-consuming to practice.

Lastly, the article above gives someone who is the beginner of this musical instrument more or less. Wish those who are and will start with the piano would be successful with their passion as soon as possible. Please look up more on the Internet for more information about this interesting topic. Thanks!


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