Learning Piano

The Easiest Way to Learn Piano Faster

It is no doubt that the piano is a unique and attractive instrument which brings a sense of relaxation whenever playing. Most people think that they can not play this musical tool well without spending a hard time practicing under the guidance of the teacher.

But the fact is not like that, you only need to know the musical notes, the basic chords and a bit of free time, you can learn the piano by yourself effectively.

So what is the secret to learn and play piano fast for a limited time? In this article, we will share with you the way how to learn piano faster to get real moments of comfort and relaxation with your piano – the instrument that you are passionate about and love.

Step 1: Many people make the mistake of assuming that “just try to be successful.”

The truth is that learning to play the piano in a reluctance that does not come from your own passion will never be highly effective no matter how hard you try to practice. Hence, let’s first prepare for the idea that you are playing the instrument, not learning it, so you will not feel bored during the practicing process.

Step 2: Equipped with musical instruments

It is clear as if you want to play a certain musical instrument, you have to invest yourself that tool.

A piano with good quality is so great, but if you do not have financial conditions, a normal one does not matter. However, it is better when you find out a suitable piano and make sure that your instrument has been properly tuned by the professional experts before you have self-study and go further steps in practice as well as the full training of skills.

Furthermore, being able to train on an acoustic piano is the best thing for anyone who falls in love with music in general and instrument in particular. But in the case of a new one that is really too expensive for you, you should not be worried.

Because a simple electric one can also help you solve the problem easily with the reasonable price and many styles together as well as the outstanding features such as lightweight, easy to move, not restrung after a period of use, and very stable in operation.

Step 3: Equipped with basic knowledge of music theory

Having sufficient knowledge is no longer a barrier in a society with the rapid development of information technology today, it may take only a few minutes for you to find and download the extremely detailed music files or creative videos with the aim to give guidance from the pianists around the world from the Internet.

Besides, you also save these materials on your smart phone or something like that to practice whenever you want.

First of all, when you start learning the piano, you should know the seven basic musical notes including:

Do – Re – Mi – Fa – Sol – La – Si

C – D – E – F – G – A – B

In addition, learning the piano keyboard or ivory is also important to do before learning to play music as well.

learning piano basic chord

At first, you will be confused due to the number of keys on the piano keyboard, but the layout is more simple than what you are thinking.

The standard piano has 88 keys, in which there are white and black keys that perform sharp and flat notes are arranged in the groups of two and three alternately.

These are all the keys within a pattern called octave which is repeated seven times and one-third times on a modern piano. Moreover, each octave consists of 5 black keys and 7 white keys.

Step 4: Start learning the piano in one of the three following ways:

  1. Find an instructor:

The first stage of learning how to play an instrument is very essential. You must be properly instructed and trained in the finger techniques because it can become a habit to imprint on your brain as you learn and come to higher steps in the learning process. Plus, it will be more difficult to fix these simple mistakes when you create bad habits.

Find a teacher to learn piano faster

The reason why you should hire a good piano teacher is that he or she will help you learn to play the piano faster than anyone else. Besides that, she also supports you to make your task more simple, instead of basic, and formal performance.

The reason you learn to play the piano is your passion and enjoyment, not to pass a school termination test or any other compulsory. We want to emphasize one thing is that if you study mechanically, you will lose a lot of money, effort and time.

If you really try to achieve the goal, you can achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time (from 2 to 3 months only and you could know and play the song with a piano by yourself)

  1. Buy the guidebooks:

Buying a guidebook is also an indispensable option when you’re just beginning to practice with a new tool, and it will improve you the skill to read notes smoothly as you read a text. The images with illustrations not only help you understand but also learn musical notes better than ever.

Initially, you can invest in a book of simple songs first, and then you absolutely can look for the songs with increasing difficulty when you have played all the old songs. If having any trouble, the trainee can contact their teacher or someone else to support them piano lessons that are useful for them.

  1. Watch the tutorial video

watch piano tutorial video

This is one of the top choices of most young people today because the videos not only have specific images but also the explanations and instructions for us to understand more.

The online video lessons allow students to self-playing piano at any time of the day instead of going to class or depending on the teacher at fixed times.

However, it is better to combine all three above training methods, which help you to partly shorten the time a lot, partly find out the shortcomings during the practicing process.

Some tips for beginners

When learning the piano or any kind of instrument, the thing you need to do at first is listening, focusing on the musical notes and then remembering them. Keeping in mind these rules as well as being proficient in these skills means that you have really taken a big step in this art.

You should also note that the fastest way to learn piano is to play slowly, but not “as fast as possible”. A core principle is to slow everything down, especially the time you are practicing a song with your new instrument.

Correct finger technique and muscle memory in place are imperative and thanks to that, you don’t have to think too much as playing. Moreover, you can absolutely concentrate on your real emotion as well as let it come through.

To learn piano, playing slowly is actually one of the fastest ways because it will support you the following:

  • To identify the player’s trouble spots
  • To establish finger technique
  • To work on the physicality of playing an instrument
  • To develop precision
  • To play a piece with real emotion
  • To understand the musical piece as a whole
  • To learn discipline and focus
  • Do not get upset even when you could not play a song after many times of practicing. You may be a talent or not, so that let try hard to play piano in a period of time.
  • Let’s believe in yourself and you can become a good pianist as you have expected.
  • Do not only focus on scales or other things which bore you. Because you will lose interest and quit your passion quickly. Therefore, everything needs to be balanced to make emotions flow in the most natural way.
  • Remember to practice regularly with your favorite songs or fun ones. Sometimes 1 to 2 hours a day is enough, but you need to concentrate rather than distract or do other things while practicing.
  • It is said that the time you need to become a musical expert is 10,000 hours which is equivalent to a full-time job for 5 years. Notwithstanding, you just need to be good enough rather than a professional pianist.

To sum up, the piano is a popular instrument but to learn how to play it well is not easy. However, like any other musical tool, once you have enough efforts and passion, you will surely have a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

To start playing a musical instrument like starting a love. When you are good at remembering and obeying the rules, it is the time you have to forget start over with emotion from your heart.

This article has covered the steps to learn the quickest and easiest piano lessons as well as the tips drawn from the practical experience. We hope that you can learn many things from the post above and get successful with your goals in the near future. Please see on the Internet for more crucial information.


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